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Aeration & Over-Seeding Wichita, KS

Aeration & Overseeding in Wichita, KS

Throughout any given season, many factors work against your yard - weather, disease, weeds, foot traffic, pets, pests, and more! Overtime the lawns soil becomes tightly compacted, restricting key nutrients from reaching the plants roots. Relieve your yard from a seasons worth of stress with our aeration service. 

Aeration: provides many benefits that your lawn needs to reach its full potential. Our professionals use a specialized piece of equipment that cores small plugs of soil out of the lawn, allowing your yard to breath. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased airflow, nutrients, and oxygen 

  • Breaks up thatch accumulation 

  • Alleviates soil compaction 

    • Common signs include:

      • Moss

      • Unable to easily penetrate soil with pencil or screwdriver 

      • Bare or thin lawn 

  • Allows your yard to thrive 

  • and so much more!

Over-seeding: a great way to help thicken pre-existing turf and fill in bare spots

  • Premium grass seed 

    • 100% weed free

    • Grown to thrive in our regions specific area ​​​

    • Improved tolerance to turf disease & stress 

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