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Fertilization Wichita, KS

Fertilization in Wichita, KS

Here at Green Machine Lawn Care, we've designed a program that provides your lawn the proper nutrients that keeps it growing green, lush, and best of all, weed free. We only use chemicals that operate at maximum performance, achieve results, and give your lawn the upper edge. 

Here's how our program briefly breaks down:

1.) March - Pre-emergent with fertilizer 

2.) April - Extended pre-emergent with fertilizer 

3.) June - Summer fertilizer & spot spray 

4.) July - Late summer fertilizer & spot spray 

5.) September - Fall fertilizer & spot spray 

6.) November - Winterization fertilizer 

Let the professionals at Green Machine take the "guessing game" out of your lawn. We'll be able to  properly identify the treatments your yard needs to make it the best looking in the neighborhood . 

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