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Mowing Wichita, KS

Mowing in Wichita, KS

A lawn says a lot about a property! At Green Machine Lawn Care, we know that mowing can be time consuming,  exhausting, and sometimes a hassle. Let us take that chore off your hand and get your yard looking its best at an affordable cost! 

What To Expect With Each Cut 

We check the mowing area for trash, debris, and tree limbs

Turf is mowed with a sharp blade, along with a height that is best suited for the turf type species and your sites specific needs. 

We provide the option to either recycle the grass or bag it (we haul the clippings). Either choice provides its set of benefits. 

We trim around lawn obstacles, which are areas that a lawn mower cannot typically reach

All concrete borders are edged (sidewalks, driveways, street curbs). Not only does this give your property a clean manicured appearance, it keeps grass or weeds from creeping onto your walk ways. 

Lastly, we ensure that all concrete surfaces such as patios, decks, streets, and parking areas will be blown clean from any debris apart of the mowing process

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